Gift of Revel 2022: What's Different

What is Gift of Revel?

It’s a subscription service that is available for purchase only around the holidays...until NOW! In 2022, we will be introducing a MONTHLY Gift of Revel Option! But we'll get into that later, first let's talk about what Gift of Revel actually is. 

Gift of Revel features 0.5 oz jars of monthly colors that are exclusive to Gift of Revel. This means subscribers will be the ONLY ones to get their hands on these exclusive Dip Powders once a month. New month, new dip it’s as simple as that. This subscription is perfect for dippers who crave new colors, leave it to us to pick for you! Within reason, of course, we offer two options of Gift of Revel to make it more likely you'll LOVE each month's shade. 

Classy vs. Sassy

Only love glitters and not creams? Sassy subscription is for you! Every month you will get a gorgeous, glitter or shimmer. Dip Powder waiting for you at your doorstep. We know glitters and shimmer aren’t for everyone and that’s why we have Classy. Classy is the other limited edition Dip Powder which is a cream. You can either go Classy, Sassy, or BOTH!

Now, let's get into the details! 

For 2022 there are different subscription options, either yearly, six months, or monthly.

  • Yearly either Sassy or Classy option: $100
  • Yearly both Sassy and Classy option: $175
  • 6 Month either Classy or Sassy option: $60
  • 6 Month both Classy and Sassy option: $105
  • Monthly Classy or Sassy option: $10.99
  • Both Classy and Sassy option: $19.99

But how is this monthly Gift of Revel option going to work? Great question, let me tell you. Our new Monthly option will allow you the opportunity to snag a spot for the next month's Gift of Revel shade. 

Monthly GOR subscriptions are limited, when one month sells out the next month will open on the below start date. Subscribing to monthly GOR will automatically enroll you each month until you cancel your subscription. 

Monthly Gift of Revel 2022 Enrollment Dates: 

January GOR | November 17th - December 31st 

February GOR | January 1st- January 15th 

March GOR | January 16th - February 15th 

April GOR | February 16th - March 15th 

May GOR | March 16th - April 15th 

June GOR | April 16th - May 15th 

July GOR | April 16th - June 15th 

August GOR | June 16th - July 15th 

September GOR | July 16th - August 15th 

October GOR | August 16th - September 15th 

November GOR | September 16th - October 15th 

December GOR | October 16th - November 15th 

Any questions? Head over to any of our social medias to chat with us! We'd love to answer any questions OR just chat about how excited we all are!