Gift of Revel

Written By: Dana L.


Are you wondering how other Revel Nail dippers have limited edition colors and you don’t? It’s called Gift of Revel also known as GOR. Great news! If you weren’t’t subscribed to GOR 2020 you will have the opportunity to purchase GOR 2021 this time around.   


What is Gift of Revel?

It’s a paid in full subscription service that is available for purchase only around the holidays. These 0.5 oz jars are limited edition and not for sale. This means subscribers will be the ONLY ones to get their hands on these exclusive Dip Powders once a month. New month, new dip it’s as simple as that. This subscription is perfect for dippers who crave new colors but can’t decide which cream or glitter they want. Leave it to us to pick for you! You will have the chance to purchase this subscription from Black Friday, November 18th, 2020 through December 31st, 2020. You will be able to choose either Classy or Sassy for $100.00 each. If you want double the surprise every month you can purchase Classy and Sassy for $175.00.


Classy vs. Sassy

Only love glitters and not creams? Sassy subscription is for you! Every month you will get a gorgeous, glitter or shimmer. Dip Powder waiting for you at your doorstep. We know glitters and shimmer aren’t for everyone and that’s why we have Classy. Classy is the other limited edition Dip Powder which is a cream. You can either go Classy, Sassy or BOTH!


We used our Instagram stories to poll our followers about their GOR subscriptions and what subscription they planned on picking in the future (Don’t forget to give us a follow on Instagram if you’re not following us already!). Can you believe most people subscribed to BOTH Classy and Sassy compared to picking just one?! We also asked our followers what subscription they are picking for next year’s GOR and they said both Classy and Sassy AGAIN!

Revel Nail GOR Dip Powder Swatches 

Of course, we had to ask what they loved most about Gift of Revel and they said:


“Surprise of not knowing, and it takes me out my comfort zone of buying my safe colors!” – tabbi22120


“I love trying out new colors I might not have ordered” -bellakphotography


“It’s the gift that lets me do my nails all pretty while saving money” -superfinelisa

 Dip Powder Subscription Revel Nail

“The anticipation of discovering a new color! I love to guess with friends every month!” -fumblingrose


“A special surprise every month!” -candiecuticles


“You get colors that you might not normally pick for yourself, & it broadens your dip horizons”  -gabbycav_


“Getting a monthly surprise color! And they go so well with each season/month” -msjoy34

 Dip powder Subscription

“Getting some colors every month! It’s like Christmas once month!” -klarysa_it


“Something new each month to satisfy my Revel Nail color craving!” -maelynnobody