Fall Nail Trends

Believe it or not, Fall is right around the corner, so why not share some inspiration for your upcoming dip powder manicure looks? This season gives you the opportunity to take out those darker-tone shades after a Summer full of neons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them!

Be sure to check out the Bohemian Bouquet Collection for the perfect Fall-themed shades all in one set that will help you enhance your dip powder manicure this season! This collection is made up of six earth-toned dip powder shades, however that’s not all! It also comes with identical nail lacquer shades.

Color Combination Inspiration

If you are looking for an orange dip powder manicure that will be perfect for the spooky-season, try out the shades D595 Terra, D596 Ilona, and D455 Calaca.


@gina_glam04 [D595 Terra, D596 Ilona, and D455 Calaca]

More into brown shades during the Fall? No problem! Take a look at this dip powder manicure created using the shades D571 Circe, D576 Sahara, D575 Sienna, D580 Patina, and D582 Zara for a more darker-toned manicure.


We all know how difficult it is to pick your next dip powder manicure, so if you can’t decide between the traditional orange, red, or green manicure, why not combine all? To achieve this look, take a look at this manicure, which uses the shades D327 Sash, D595 Terra, MR5 Crown, and D170 Theia.



@manis_by_katie [D327 Sash, D595 Terra, MR5 Crown, and D170 Theia]

 Glitter Manicure Inspiration

In the mood to dip into all glitter to stand out this upcoming Fall season? The shades D449 Obsidian and D308 Lava will do just that and more!


@nails_n_dips [D449 Obsidian]


@my_dipnails [D308 Lava]
 Flake Manicure Inspiration

If you love the shininess of glitters, but want something more unique, check out these amazing Fall-inspired looks using flakes. The shades used are D611 Mosaic and D612 Tapestry and are great ways to make your nails pop!


@mani.cure.ish [D611 Mosaic]


@fur_mama_manis [D612 Tapestry]
Matte Manicure Inspiration

Fall is also a good time for a trendy look after the Summer shimmers. If this sounds appealing, a matte dip powder manicure might be your go-to look this season! To achieve this style manicure, we suggest using the Matte Gel Topcoat. Check out these looks using the shades D232 Haute, D228 Wink, and D167 Phoebe for some inspiration. Or, go dark and try D7 Barbara for a matte black nail polish look. 

@another_mani_monday [D232 Haute]

@tasia.nailedit [D228 Wink, and D167 Phoebe]

Glow Manicure Inspiration

There is nothing more perfect than a glow manicure in the Fall, especially around Halloween. If this idea sounds appealing to you, take a look at this dip powder manicure using the shade GC5 Torch paired with GC12 After Glow.

@steffs_nails [GC5 Torch and GC12 After Glow]


Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to spice things up this season! We are looking forward to seeing all of your Fall manicures! Don’t forget to tag us in your posts using #yesrevelnail for a chance to be featured in our social media, website, or ads.