Exploring a World Where Dip Powder and Acrylic Nails Collide

Have you ever heard the term dip acrylic nails and wondered what exactly the difference between the two nail enhancements are? In this blog post we'll be covering the key differences between dip powder and acrylic nails and we'll also explore the question, "Can dip powder be used as acrylic?"

Exploring the Key Differences:

If you're looking for an extremely durable manicure, acrylic and dip powder are two of your best bets. That being said, there are some key differences when it comes to dip powder and acrylic nails. The first difference are the ingredients they contain.

Traditional acrylics contain an ingredient called methacrylate. Revel Nail dip powder does not contain methacrylate in our formulation. Instead, our liquids can be compared to the glue that is used in hospitals to seal a cut. 

The second key difference when it comes to acrylic and dip powder nails are how they're applied to your nails. Acrylic is applied by combining powder and monomer to create a "bead-like" shape that is then painted onto the nail and formed into the desired shape. There is a learning curve to this process and therefore this method is usually preferred by professional nail technicians or those who are more experienced in doing nails.

Dip powder on the other hand is applied in three simple steps. First, you are going to apply your base coat and dip into the powder. Next, you must brush on an activator to cure or harden the powder. Last, you will apply your top coat to seal everything in. 

Can dip powder be used as acrylic?

Yes, dip powder can in fact be used as acrylic. In fact, Revel Nail has several colors that are monomer compatible. These shades can be found by filtering by 'monomer compatible' on our website, here. Revel Nail's powders that are monomer compatible are completely safe to use to do acrylic nails. The only thing to keep in mind is that the color payoff may be affected when used with monomer in place of our traditional dip liquids.

So there you have it - although some of our powders can interchangeably be used to do a dip powder or an acrylic manicure, the two are still quite different in terms of how they're applied and the ingredients that you are using to apply them to your nails. For more information about the safety of these two nail enhancement options, read our blog Exploring the Healthiest Nail Options in 2024.