Dip Powder on Short Nails

Dip Powder on Short Nails


A question that a lot of women interested in Dip Powder ask is – “Will it work on short nails, too?” and the answer is Yes!  Dip Powder is just as effective on short nails as it is on long nails, and works on any nail shape.  You can read here about different nail shapes: https://www.revelnail.com/blogs/revel-nail-blog/blogchoosing-a-perfect-nail-shape but the great part is that Dip Powder works on nails of all shapes and sizes.


If you have short nails you have a few options.  You can keep them short!  That’s ok! Dip Powder will work fine on your short nails.  It will adhere well, provide strength, have a great shine, and last a long time on a short nail just like it does on a long nail.  All of the benefits of durability, ease of removal, health of nails and more all apply to short nails as well as long nails.  So if you have shorties and want to put Dip Powder on them, go for it!  It will work great on your nails.


What if I have shorter nails, but want to have longer nails with Dip Powder?


The good news is you have a few options if you have short nails but would like to lengthen your nails and use Dip Powder on them.  The first, and most traditional way, is to use tips.  You can read about how to apply tips with Dip Powder in detail here:  https://www.revelnail.com/blogs/revel-nail-blog/how-to-apply-tips.  The easy part about tips and Powder is you can use your Pro Base to help the tips adhere and then you can apply Dip Powder over the tips and no one will know they aren’t your natural nails.


The even better part is that since Dip Powder is so strong and helps strengthen your natural nail, if you wear tips for a while your natural nails will be growing out underneath the tips so when you are ready to remove the tips and Dip Powder ( you can get a removal kit here:  https://www.revelnail.com/products/dip-gel-removal-kit ) your natural nail will be longer and stronger than it was when you put the tips on.


The other option you have is a new product on the market that Revel Nail offers – Gel Extensions.    You can pick up a Gel Extension Starter Kit here: https://www.revelnail.com/products/gel-nail-extension-starter-kit that has everything you need to get started with Gel Extensions.  Gel Extensions are an easy way to apply extensions – they do require the liquids and the light that is in the kit, so if your new to it you will need some additional accessories to get started.  That’s the drawback compared to regular tips, but once you have those accessories it should be easier and better looking.  The Starter Kit comes with a wide variety of nail shapes and sizes you can pick from and then when you apply them you instantly have a cured, gel extension of your nail in the length and size you want. Nail Technicians in the US are turning to this system because it allows you to have a set of extensions in the size and style you want, ready for a Gel Polish or Dip Powder manicure to go on top, quickly and easily.  The Gel Extensions are durable and have less of tendency to pop off than tips do, partly because they are more flexible than tips before they are cured, so they adhere to the shape of the nail and then get cured, turning harder and mimicking the shape of the nail.


So, there you have it.  If you have short nails, go ahead and apply Dip Powder and you can have a fabulous manicure on your short nails.  If you have short nails but you want to have longer nails and apply a manicure on top, you now know of a few options that you have to get the look you want. 


If you have any issues or questions, drop us a line at sales@revelnail.com and one of our experts can help answer any questions you have.