Cow Print Nails

How to Create Cow Print Nails
Right now, Cow Print Nails are hot, so we have a video and step-by-step directions to show you how to get the look! Click here to see our IGTV Video of how to do Cow Print Nails, and we’ve written an easy to follow set of step-by-step directions so you can achieve the look yourself.
What you’ll need:
Step 1 – Buff and prep the nail as you normally would for a manicure
Step 2 – Apply a layer of Step 1 Pro Base to nail.
Step 3 – Dip into Clear Dip Powder
Step 4 – Apply a layer of Gel Base Coat
Step 5 – Cure for 30 seconds with a LED Light or 60 seconds with a UV Light
Step 6 – Use a Wax Pen or Dotting tool to apply the Black Gel Polish to the nail that will be your cow patches. You can use the tool to spread the polish into the irregular black spot shape that makes Cow Print so distinctive
Step 7 -  Cure for 30 seconds with a LED Light or 60 seconds with a UV Light
Step 8 – Use your cuticle pusher to scoop clear powder over the cured gel polish, then wipe it away with a lint free wipe, which will provide the finishing effect we are looking for.
And that’s it, you now have Cow Print Nails that you did yourself! Tag us Instagram #YesRevelNail with your design or send us a picture here: so we can share it with the world! 
Cow Print dip powder manicure nails are hot right now, but is there anything else you would like to see some directions on? Let us know, we are always looking for fun new designs to try out like Cow Print.