Broken Nail? We've Got a Quick Fix!

Broken nail? Follow this simple hack! Instead of trimming the rest of your nails, you can use our Shaped Nail Tips to restore your mani when you need a quick fix on nail day.

1. Trim or clip the broken nail.

2. Buff the surface of your nail to prepare for the tip.

3. Find the correct size tip for the broken nail. (Tip must fit sidewall to sidewall).

4. Apply Pro Base

5. Grip the easy hold tab and apply tip. Press and hold for 30 seconds or until dry.

6. Apply Activator where the tip meets the natural nail. 

7. Remove easy hold tab. 

8. File sides and surface of the tip to create a smooth transition.

9. Dip into Vivien (clear) as your first layer, and continue your dip manicure as normal.