It's National Tailgating Day!

Every football fan looks forward to it: the crisp air of a fall morning, sunshine golden as it can get, and grills running before noon. TVs are playing pre-game coverage and you're trying your best to avoid that one rival fan. Game days call for being decked out in your best outfit that match your team’s colors, but what would make you the ultimate fan? A manicure that tells everyone which team is yours. The entire thing would be for naught without it, right? Below are 5 tips to have the best tailgating season yet!

(D34 Jane & D49 Marilyn)


    1.Make sure you bring lots of snacks! Crock pot dips are a great idea – they’re easily transported and easy to keep warm.

    2.Fall weather can be chilly – bring extra blankets!

    3.A fold up closet organizer can go a long way when it comes to keeping sunscreen, bug spray, and other essentials organized and easy to find.

    4.Bring lots of games for kids to play before the big game starts.

    5.Never go tailgating without a beautiful manicure!

    (D25 Grace)

    Happy National Tailgating Day from Revel!