How to wear Revel - Flannel | Revel Nail Dip Powder

Flannel on your nails and army green in your outfit will bring out the pink and purple undertones in Alter. Getting those subtle undertones out of a nude is a great way to hang onto a little summery pink while transitioning into Fall without going full on pink.

Flannel & Alter with army green Revel Nail DIp Powder

Subtle green suede allows for the true green of Flannel to shine. The color looks rich without being too vibrant or loud for a Fall look. Silver accessories make Flannel pop and give it a crisp appearance to match the changing weather. The silver and green contrast each other nicely and make a good outfit into a fabulous one.

Flannel & Alter with silver jewelry Revel Nail DIp Powder

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The Fall Drop In  Revel Nail DIp Powder