Fall and Winter 2015 Color Trends | Revel Nail Dip Powder

The one thing everyone wants is more gel polish colors. No matter how many you have, you always want more. New colors bring people back, they get people excited, and they are just fun. Every season new colors get hot and staying on trend is important.

Nail polish colors come and go quickly, but Gel Polish is harder – there just aren’t as many Gel Polish colors as there are nail polish colors. Check your favorite brand and compare the nail polish color selection to the Gel Polish color selection – there may be as much as 10 times as many nail polish colors.

What can you do? How can you set your salon apart? How can you have this season’s killer color NOW?

The easy answer is to make your own colors! In the past there have been some options for this that involved measuring, mixing, etc. It just was not very easy.

At Revel Nail we invented Up2You because we wanted some colors in Gel Polish that we could only find in nail polish, and we are letting you have our secrets.

There is no measuring or mixing, all you do is add your nail polish to the Gel Polish bottle and mix it up. We’ve already put the Gel Polish base in just the right amount, and you pour in some of your nail polish to give it color, mix it up and off you go

There is no need for a base coat – the Up2You itself has a very strong base coat already in it. Pair it with a Revel Nail Topcoat and you’ll get 2 weeks of wear time, just like a regular

If you are interested in trying, click on the “Shop Up2You” link at the top of the page.

You can check out a video on how to use it here