Color of the Week - D165 Hera


We are finally in March, ladies, and that means the first day of Spring is 16 days away and counting. We are almost there!

This week is perfect for our color of the week, D165 Hera. She is one of our cream dip powders and is a neon carrot orange. Hera is perfect for the first week of March at Revel Headquarters, because there is another Springtime event this week. In our area, the Delaware Valley, the Philadelphia Flower Show is this week! We look forward to this event every year and we love seeing all the bright and fun flower displays for Spring dip powder manicure inspiration.

Photo of color of the week D165 Hera/revel nail dip powder

I’m sure everyone has that one dip powder color that they own but never really wear. Well, for me, that color is orange. This Spring I am super excited to wear Hera and see what she has to offer. I encourage all of you to step out of your comfort zone this spring with a color that you might not usually wear. You never know, it might surprise you!

I hope you all love Hera! Let us know if any of you switch it up with your colors. Be sure to post your creations with Hera and tag us using #RevelNail and #YesRevel. Be sure to check back on Fierce Nail Friday. Have an awesome week and be your Revelutionary self!

Swatch and Jar photo of D165 Hera/revel nail dip powder

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