Color of the Week - D547 Elderberry

She is here!


Elderberry was created and named by one of our very own customers. This color of the week was born after we hit 30,000 members in our Customer Community group on Facebook. We made posted about a contest involving the combination of any of our dip powder colors. The top 10 were selected by most likes within the group by the members. After that, as a staff, we voted on the one that would become a color of the week. We will have her interview for you to read on Friday. The interview covers how she got into dipping and what her inspiration was behind Elderberry.

Swatch photo of Elderberry, deep plum purple dip powder, Revel Nail

She is a part of the cream-based dip powders. Elderberry is a deep plum sangria purple. She is 100% Ms. Classy with a side of sassy. Don’t you just want to dip into Elderberry and rule the world? If you guys missed our live video you can check it out on Facebook here.

I hope you all have fun with Elderberry this week. Be sure to post and tag us on Instagram with #RevelNail and #YesRevel, of all your creations with Elderberry. That’s all I have for today, be sure to check back on Fierce Nail Friday. We will have the interview behind Elderberry up here for you all. Have an awesome week.