Color of the Week - Daze

Picture of color of the week, Daze/Revel Nail Dip Powder

Daze. Seems very fitting for what we are all going through right now. For me it has been a blur of Netflix, Door Dash, Tik Tok and finding way to stay busy. I have been in a Daze for sure, and I can’t believe we are on week six of working from home. The good news is Daze has the best of both worlds, sun changing dip powder and mood changing dip powder.

Get creative with our color of the week, Daze. Daze is a four in one dip powder. She has a color for every mood you might be feeling during this time. Daze is a peachy nude with small glitter when warm and a medium pink when cold. This dip powder doesn’t stop there, she is also a sun changing dip powder. When in the sun Daze changes to a medium purple, and when hot and in the sun, it’s a rose pink. Daze can be its own dip powder starter kit, four dip powders in one, you can lose, and not to mention the sale price.

Swatches of Daze Mood and Sun Changing Dip Powder

Even though we are limiting the number of colors on our site during this time, we will still be doing color of the weeks along with our Mani Mondays on Instagram and our Nail Tech Tuesdays on Facebook. You can check out our latest Nail Tech Tuesday here. We show you how to do a color blocking technique on a swatch.

I hope you gals, have fun with all four shades Daze has to offer. Be sure to post and tag us on Instagram, with #RevelNail and #YesRevel, of you at home dip powder creations with Daze. If you are not already, join our Customer Community Group on Facebook. That’s all I have for today, have a great day. Hang in there everyone, we will get through this. Have an awesome week, stay safe and be your Revelutionary self.