Best Dip Powder for Nails?

Best Dip Powder for Nails?


What is the best Dip Powder for your nails?  Revel Nail is a high-quality, USA Made brand of Dip Powder that is great for your nails.  We’ll review a few reasons why its different than other powders and how that makes safer and better for your nails.


The first important thing to know is that Revel Nail is made in the US – right here in Blackwood, NJ in our 116,000 sqft facility.  Manufacturing in the US means we control what goes into the powder and we know that only safe, high-quality ingredients go into it.  Many other brands are made overseas in places like China where there is not as much regulation and oversight for ingredients and its hard to know what is in your Dip Powder.  If you look on Amazon and see brands that are selling 10 or 20 jars for the same cost as the 4 or 5 jars of US made powder, the reason they can do that is because they are using very cheap ingredients so their products cost less to make.  The cheap ingredients can damage your nails, so you pay the price for the cheaper ingredients.


Another reason why Revel Nail is the best dip powder is that is is tested and certified to sell in the European Union.  This is an even higher bar for cosmetics there than in the US – you need to do safety and stability testing, have all of your ingredients documented, and submit to a notification portal in case anyone has an adverse reaction to your product.  Revel Nail has passed all of that safety testing – that’s how you know it’s the Best Dip Powder for your nails. The high quality, safe ingredients that Revel Nail uses can pass the strictest testing standards.


Another reason you know that Revel Nail is the best Dip Powder is because its been voted that by NailPro Magazine readers – the 2022 Best Dip System winner is Revel Nail, and you can read about that here:  When a product is voted best in class by the reads of a magazine like NailPro, you know it’s a high quality product.  Other systems that have popped up don’t have the kind of recognition like this.


Most importantly, you know Revel Nail is the best Dip Powder because thousands of regular women just like you use it and that’s how they feel – you can join in the discussion with them here:  The first rule of the community is be kind – any questions you ask will be answered by women with patience and kindness.  It’s a great community of women sharing tips, tricks, answering questions and just bonding over nails with other women who share their passion.  Come join us!


That’s just a few reasons why Revel Nail is the best Dip Powder in the market – try it yourself and see.  There is a 100% money back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose!  Get a starter kit here and give it a shot today!