Are All Nail Dip Powders the Same?

Are All Nail Dip Powders the Same?


No!  Oh my gosh, no, no, no!  Absolutely no!


I think we’re technically supposed to make you read the whole article before saying that, but just wanted to make sure that we were really clear on what the answer is.  It’s No.  What’s the difference?  Aha.  Good question, and we will make you read the rest of that to get the answers on that, because there is a lot of good info that goes into understanding what makes Nail Dip Powder different.

The first thing will be where it is made.  There are a handful of place in the US to source the raw materials for Dip Powder, and these companies specialize in making products that are meant to be used on human bodies.  The origin of Dip Powder and the materials used in it comes from the the industries responsible for making things like Bone Cement and Dental Powders.  These products use the same raw materials as Dip Powder – they are processed differently and end up being different products, but start from the same basics – and they have been thoroughly tested to make sure they are safe on the human body.  The testing ensures that the products last a long time and don’t leach any chemicals into the human body over time. 


Dip Powder brands – like Revel Nail, for example – that are sourcing from these grade of materials make high quality Dip Powders for nails that are safe to use and will provide a great manicure.  The quality of the ingredients you start with is the strongest predictor of the quality of the product you will end up with.   At Revel Nail we use the best possible ingredients, and its why we make the best Dip Powder in the world.


So what’s different about some of the other powders on the market?  If you look on Amazon there are kits with 10, 20, or even more jars of powder in them available at a cost where the plastic jar that they are in probably costs more than the powder did.  These powders are coming from countries outside the US – mostly China – where there is a lot less quality control and regulation on cosmetics.  Quite literally, there is no quality control on what can be sold as Dip Powder by Chinese manufacturers.  The companies that buy from them are trusting that they are using healthy ingredients in their products, but its impossible to verify unless you test the products. 


You can tell from the performance of the product – it doesn’t flow as well, it doesn’t last as long, it tends to clump when used with Dip Liquids – that they are using cheap ingredients, or even non-Dip Powder powders to help lower costs.  It’s like when you put refried beans in your taco meat so you can feed more people using the same amount of meat at a lower cost. They are putting other powders that are not Dip Powder into the product to make more of it at a lower cost.  If they only dilute it by a certain amount it still works well enough and they sell it as Dip Powder.  What’s the refried beans they are using to dilute their powder?  Honestly, we don’t know.  A few nail brands have begun some testing to see what it is, but no one has published results yet.


If you have an Amazon Prime account and have ordered something from a company with a name like XYZABC co, you have probably seen what this is like but with other products.  For example, I ordered a pack of iPhone chargers for less than 1 brand name cable costs from Amazon.  They arrived at my house, I gave them to my kids, and within 2 weeks all of them stopped working and I threw them in the garbage.  It was a good lesson for me.  I got what I paid for.  It was an easy, low-cost lesson, however.  When its products you are putting on your body, there can be consequences much worse than wasting a few dollars.  If the product is low quality and you put on your body, you have to weigh the risk of that. Is it worth it?


It's not just the Amazon companies with super cheap prices and funny, made up names that are using cheap powder from overseas.  If you go on a company’s website and you don’t see any info about where they are sourcing their powder from, you can almost guarantee its low-cost international powder.

Not Revel Nail, we are 100% made in the USA and proud of it.  We have people who mix ingredients in equipment in our warehouse in Blackwood, NJ to make the product that you put on your nails.  We know exactly what goes into it and we 100% guarantee that its safe. 


Know what’s in your Dip Powder!  Ask where it comes from!  Even if its not Revel Nail, make sure you use a brand that is using safe ingredients in their powder.