Revel x You Recap

Written by: Dana L.


2020 was full of Revel love, and tons of dip powder manicures photos! We’ve received an extraordinary amount of support from our Revel customer community. How did we keep track of this? Well, we have received 60,000 mani photos from our customers! YES, you read that correctly. We’ve seen it all……from the beginning of your Dip Powder journey to now! I wish all of you could see the beautiful dip powder manicures that come our way. We couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to share everyone’s beautiful manis. So, you’re probably wondering how your photos end up on our social media, website or ads. We are able to filter through photos when you use the hashtag #yesrevelnail and by tagging us. Click on the link below to view all of the beautiful manicures we have received this year. 


Most Popular Mani Photo

Drum roll please…..the color with the most dip powder manicures photos is D20 Erica! Shocker right? Erica is a very light, sheer pink. It is known to be one of our most popular colors! Again, we aren’t surprised because of how soft and elegant she is. Also, did we mention she takes the most beautiful photos? So, if you’re a nailfie queen, you will need this shade. If you are a first time user then you will want to get Erica because she is a great starter shade! A fun fact about Erica is most of customers have worn her on their engagement or wedding day! We’ve heard she’s good luck so if you don’t have her, you better grab her fast.


Least Popular Mani Photo

So, now that you know the most popular mani photo it’s only right to tell you what the least popular dip powder manicure photo is. Would you believe me if I told you it was D464 Elsa?! Come on, I want to feel like Elsa from Frozen because this shade will sure make you feel like it! Elsa is a fun blue glitter base with holographic specks and rectangle pieces! Looking for a glitter to wear this winter? Elsa screams for a winter dip powder manicures. It’s perfect to wear over white or blue shades and makes a great glitter accent. Do you have a mani photo with this color? If so, do us a favor by using the hashtag #yesrevelnail and tagging us. No mani photo should be left behind!


What color do you think 2021’s most and least popular Revel Nail Dip Powder Manicure will be? We can’t wait to see all of the gorgeous dip powder manicure photos coming our way! Don’t forget to hashtag  #yesrevelnail and tag us to be featured on our social media, website and ads.