Dive into Dreamy Depths with the Deep Sea Glass Collection

The Deep Sea Glass Collection is here to take your nails to dreamy new depths. Inspired by the translucent beauty of sea glass, these enchanting dip powder colors will infuse your manicures with a touch of sheer elegance. 

Meet the Collection:

D996 Red Sea - a sheer red-brown shade.

D997 Java Sea - a sheer caramel brown shade.

D998 Celtic Sea - a sheer teal blue shade.

D999 Bering Sea - a sheer navy blue shade.

D1000 Kara Sea - a sheer purple shade.

Don't miss out on the launch of the Deep Sea Glass Collection, coming your way on September 22nd at 10 AM, ET. Bring the serene beauty of the ocean to your fingertips and create show-stopping manicures that enchant and inspire.

To stay updated on the launch and be the first to explore the Deep Sea Glass Collection, visit our website and follow us on social media. Get ready to dive into dreamy depths and make a splash with your nails!