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Have you heard the Revel News?

Revel Nail is excited to share that we were mentioned in January’s issue of The Oprah Magazine!!!

We at Revel were thrilled to get an invitation to come up to Oprah’s New York city offices. Oprah’s staff had gotten wind of a new nail trend that rivaled gel polish and were interested to find out more about it. They were curious to put our product to the test and Revel was all too ready to rise to the opportunity to show them. After a quick but careful manicure, Molly told us if the manicure lasted as long as we said it would, she would write about us in an upcoming issue. We left their offices confident that they wouldn’t be disappointed. After just a few weeks we heard back that the manicure impressed the beauty editor and an article would be written about dip powder. Check out our Blog to see what Oprah had to say about us! We’re sure you’ll be just as impressed as they were! 


What does one of the top nail bloggers in the world think of Revel Nail - just ask Chickettes at! 


Read her review here: 

Revel Nail (  is a new gel polish line that provides high quality products at prices  most anyone can afford!  I’ve taken some time to review the product line  and am so excited to share it with you. Revel Nail gel polishes are  professional-grade quality and can be used in salons and spas, or in the  comfort of your own home.  They are custom formulated and are 3-free,  and vitamin E enriched.

The Clockwise Nail Polish loves us, too!  Read her full review here!

"Today I want to talk about a new gel polish brand in the market: Revel Nail!  This is an American based brand which offers great quality products for  a very competitive price. I honestly was shocked with both qualities...  at least around here, affordable products usually translate into a less  adequate product. The Revel Nail gel polish is a soak off gel system  that provides long lasting results with great shine, as stated by the  brand. I will talk about duration and shine in the next review,  therefore I'll be focusing in application, brand info and prices in this  first review. Also, stay tuned for some bottle macros below! :)"

What does Manic Talons think about Revel Nail?

"Revel Nail set out to provide a high quality product at a great price.  In my opinion, they nailed it.  With an overall rating of 4.5 Stars on my scale, I'm very likely to purchase more of the colors just based on that.  But, they sealed the deal with their excellent customer service and desire to use customer feedback to improve their product.  This is truly a 5 Star company and a brand I will keep in my collection.  I can't wait to see what they come out with in the future.  I expect great things. "


Read more here!

Elisha from Facebook thinks it applies like Shellac!:

"I have just applied this product with its own base and top coat,  and I have to say the FEEL of it is so different then any I have used. It is definitely the closest in texture to shellac. The ability to make thin coats leads to unbelievable coverage and super shine!  I absolutely love how my nails feel, I also did a clients nails and she also is infatuated with the colour Matrix and the feel. I am conducting a wear test as we speak, however for application and overall ease of use I give five star!"

Find out why Betty Nails says this about our one of our gels:

"The cream of the  crop, the cherry on the top of the cake! This is one of the most  gorgeous glitter top coats I have ever used. Revel Nail Disco is a  holographic top coat with medium holographic particles, and  amazing(outstanding) shine and reflection capacity and a highly  pigmented formula."


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