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Petal Paradise | Four Color Gel Polish Starter Kit


What it is:

An electric rainbow for the beach or the streets. Includes 6 15mL neon creme gel polishes.

  • G835 Cassette Tape: Lime green’s spunkier, brighter sister, Cassette Tape, is a creamy neon green gel polish that has slight yellow undertones.
  • G836 Acid Wash: This bold and unabashedly bright blue gel polish will quickly become your new favorite shade. Like Acid Wash jeans, you can pair her with everything.
  • G837 Boom Box: A bit more subtle that her friends, Boom Box is sure to be a new summer favorite. She is a very bright and vibrant shade of purple that looks perfect on all skin tones.
  • G838 Shrinky Dink: This quintessential summer neon pink does not shrink away from drawing attention! Shrinky Dink is a timeless gel polish shade yet she is always in style.
  • G839 Koosh Ball: If you are looking for the perfect warm weather orange, Koosh Ball should be your pick! Complementary for most skin tones, she is a must have gel polish shade for summer pedicures.
  • G840 Walkman: Are you ready to rival the rays of the sun? Walkman should be your choice! This creamy, yellow neon gel polish will be in regular rotation when you are excited to show off your nails.

What it is:

Indulge your senses and immerse your nails in a botanical haven with our thoughtfully curated assortment of floral-inspired shades. Includes 6 15mL creme gel polishes.

  • G173 DianaDiana is a mulberry purple.
  • G410 Hola: Hola is a solid, warm, neon orange that’s between tangerine and coral.
  • G522 Debutante: Debutante is a true bubble gum pink.
  • G726 Honey: Honey is a creamy golden yellow.
  • Tack Free UV Gel Top Coat: Our Tack-Free Gel Topcoat offers high-gloss shine with a tack-free finish that will WOW you! It cures in 90 seconds under UV/LED lamps and can be used with either builder gel or acrylic systems.
  • UV Gel Nail Base Coat: Revel Nail’s Gel Base can be used with Gel Polish for a long-lasting high-shine gel manicure.

Choose between our two options:

  1. Our base Four Color Gel Polish Starter Kit (comes with all of the above)
  2. Our Tool Kit and Removal Kit add on (comes with all of the above plus a Gel Polish Tool kit and a Gel Polish Removal Kit)

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How to apply Tack-Free Gel Top Coat:


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