Gel Polish and Nail Polish aren’t offered on, can I purchase them on  

Yes! International customers can purchase Gel Polish and Nail Polish from Please note shipping times and rates may vary.  


I am a Powder Perfectionist on, can I still get early access to Baja Paradise on  

Unfortunately, Revel Rewards accounts on and are separate. Therefore, your tier on one site will not transfer to the other. If you are a Powder Perfectionist on you can shop early access on, but you cannot shop early access on However, while we cannot guarantee, you should have no problem scoring Baja Paradise Gel Polish or Nail Polish on March 21st at 10am ET when they become available to Devoted Dippers, Nail Novices, and Guests on 


Will the Revel Rewards points I earn from my purchase on transfer over to my account on 

Revel Rewards accounts on are separate from accounts on, therefore any existing or earned points will not transfer between the websites.  


Can I use a Revel Rewards coupon claimed with my account on 

Revel Rewards coupons are unique to the customer and on site which they were claimed and cannot be transferred between sites.