While we normally offer hundreds of different dip powder nails shades ranging from Mood and Sun Changing to Glow in the Dark and even Holo and Mirror Chrome, we have had to reduce our current offerings due to COVID-19.

We proudly manufacture and package our dip powders in our USA warehouse. To ensure our employees remained as safe as possible while working during the crisis we have reduced the number of staff on-site at any one time, as well as taking extra sanitization procedures. This has lessened our ability to manufacture and package our full range of shades.


When will the rest of the shades be available?


Unfortunately, we do not have a set date or timeline on when we can bring these shades back. We love our shade range and want you all to be able to get your hands on these as soon as possible!

Why launch Beach, Please instead of bringing back the other colors?


We’ve been working on this collection for nearly a year, and the products are all packaged and ready to go - unlike the colors that are on hold. We won’t be able to bring them back for a little while as we work to manufacture and package those with limited staff.