How it Works

We are so excited to announce the official Grand Opening of the Revelist Club (TRC)

On November 11th at 12PM ET sharp, the “doors” will open to new members for the very first time!

Revelist Club members will receive TWO exclusive or early access shades that are specially curated by our color experts based on the season's most exciting trends. Club Members also gain access to our private Facebook Group for monthly challenges using the monthly dynamic duo (along with other surprises!), this is your chance to level up your skills and win prizes!

And that’s just the beginning, we can’t wait to share all that we have in store for you!

What's Included

Two Exclusive Colors

As a Revelist Club Member, one of the perks is a special package delivered right to your door each month! Inside you'll find TWO exclusive or early-access dip powder shades! Use these two coordinating shades for a stress free mani every month!

The Revelist Community

One of the perks of being a club member is exclusive access to the Revelist Community! This private Facebook Group is where you'll find contests, giveaways, monthly challenges, and behind the scenes content!

This intimate group is also where the monthly shipment comes to life with the challenges and contests! We have a LOT planned, stay tuned for more to be revealed - our goal is to make this a one of a kind experience, truly!

Exclusive Deals and Free Green Shipping

Beginning in January, Revelist club members will be able to take advantage of FREE Green Shipping!

Here’s how it works: whenever you make a purchase on, you’ll have the option to have your purchase ship with your next Revelist Club subscription, and you'll get FREE shipping on your order!

Free shipping, less packaging, and fewer deliveries!

Choose your plan!

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per shipment | billed monthly


  • Recurring Monthly Plan
  • Includes two (2) exclusive or early access shades each month
  • Access to the Revelist Club Private Facebook Community
  • Bonus giveaways every month
  • Free Green Shipping (Beginning in January)
Closed! Waitlist coming soon!

$18.99 billed today. Billed on the 1st of each month.



per shipment | billed annually


  • Recurring 12-Month Plan
  • Includes two (2) exclusive or early access shades each month
  • Access to the Revelist Club Private Facebook Community
  • Bonus giveaways every month
  • Free Green Shipping (Beginning in January)
Closed! Waitlist coming soon!

12 months prepaid, $175 billed today.


What is the Revelist Club?

The Revelist Club is a brand new club launched in November 2022 by Revel Nail! It's the exclusive go-to spot for Dip Powder enthusiasts, including a monthly shipment of TWO exclusive or early access dip powder shades, access to our exclusive Revelist Club community, and free Green Shipping!

When will my box ship?

Revelist Club shipments will begin in January 2023! Club subscriptions will ship by the middle of each month. In the meantime, the private Facebook Group is open to Club Members right now! Come join us to see behind-the-scenes and participate in some bonus contests and giveaways! Here's the link to join if you're a TRC member:

Is The Revelist Club replacing Gift of Revel?  

Yes! We are excited to introduce a new and improved Gift of Revel experience in The Revelist Club! We’re giving you more for your money, including FREE Green Shipping on every purchase, every day; plus contests, giveaways, and more - just for Club Members

Can I use Revel Rewards points on my Revelist Club Subscription?

Yes! We know you’ve been saving your points for just this occasion, and we’re happy to say you can use them on The Revelist Club! Your points will apply to the first payment. Additional coupons and discounts will not apply. Just like Gift of Revel, The Revelist Club is excluded from all sitewide promotions (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.)

What is Free Green Shipping?

Beginning in 2023, we will be introducing free Green Shipping. Revelist Club members can have ANY order placed on shipped for FREE with their monthly subscription. Simply select the Green Shipping option at checkout and your order will ship with your next Revelist Club subscription. We're excited to pass on MAJOR shipping savings to our members, as well as use less packing materials.

How will I be billed?

Annual Subscriptions will be billed $175 at the time of purchase. Your subscription will renew on the same date that you purchased in the following calendar year.

Monthly Subscriptions will be billed $18.99 at the time of purchase. Your monthly recurring charges will begin on February 1st, 2023.

Subscriptions will renew automatically until they are canceled. You can cancel at any time. 

Do you Ship Internationally?

Unfortunately, at this time we are only accepting USA residents to the Revelist Club. We hope to expand to international shipping for the Club sometime in the future!

How do I join the Facebook Group?

The Group is only accessible to Revelist Club members. Once you've signed up, head over to the Group here. You'll need to provide the email address you used to join the Revelist Club, and your order number.

Is there a Classy or Sassy Option?

Each month every subscriber will receive two specially curated, coordinating shades for a new mani every month. Monthly shades can be an assortment of finishes and styles such as  creme, glitter, shimmers, changers, etc. There is no option to receive just one of the shades. 

What does "Early Access Shades" mean? 

We are always working on new things at Revel HQ, and we are excited to share them with our Revelist Club Members first! These shades would be in your subscription before they are even revealed to the rest of the world! You get them as one/both of your subscription shades before anyone else can buy them!

What's the difference between Green Shipping and Revel+?

Revel+ is an additional subscription where your order will ship immediately after processing. Green Shipping is a free shipping option included with your Revelist Club subscription and your orders will be held to ship with your next Subscription. This is a greener option with fewer boxes and packaging, fewer deliveries, and it's FREE for Revelist Club Members!