Hello TRC Yearly Subscriber,

We’re reaching out today with some updates on your Yearly TRC Subscription!

TRC Renewal:

  • Your yearly TRC subscription will automatically renew on your 2022 purchase date. If you wish to keep your subscription for 2024, you do not need to take any action. The pricing for yearly subscriptions will remain $174.00. Your payment method will be charged when your subscription renews. We will be including a surprise in the January box for any returning Yearly Subscribers - stay tuned for more details!

November 2022 Yearly Subscribers:

  • In order to simplify yearly subscriptions going forward, any Yearly Subscription that was purchased in November 2022 will have their renewal date moved to December 1, 2023. Your payment method will be charged when your subscription renews on December 1, 2023. The price of the yearly subscription remains $174.00. If you would like to choose a later date in December, please send an email to sales@revelnail.com and let us know. 

Revel Rewards:

  • Beginning November 15, you will be able to redeem a Revel Rewards coupon and apply it to your yearly renewal. Please note that coupons redeemed BEFORE November 15 will not work on your subscription renewal. Redeem your Revel Rewards coupon as usual, then navigate to your account on RevelNail.com, choose manage my subscriptions, select your TRC yearly subscription and enter the coupon code in the discount box and click “Apply.”

Canceling Yearly Subscription:

  • If you wish to cancel your yearly subscription please send an email to sales@revelnail.com and let us know. You will receive your November and December boxes as scheduled. Your green shipping option will end the day that your December box is shipped. 

Thanks for being a member of The Revelist Club! We look forward to sending you happy nail mail every month in 2024!

The Revel Nail TRC Team