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Jar photo of Treasure Trove Collection | Revel Nail Dip Powder

Entire Collection of Treasure Trove

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Discover a Treasure Trove of glitter with our NEW Treasure Trove Collection! Eight gorgeous sparkly shades!  Buy all eight and save! *Be sure to use clear over top of your manicure especially glitters to protect when buffing!



TT1 Opal is a white shimmery base with iridescent chunky glitter. 

Color Type: Glitter

Color Family: White

Revel Pro Tip: Opal truly reminds us of a snow! To achieve a winter wonderland mani, pair Opal with D333 Ice and D341 Graceland. 


TT2 Garnet is a true garnet red base with iridescent chunky glitter.

Color Type: Glitter

Color Family: Red

Revel Pro Tip: Garnet is perfect for a Valentine’s Day manicure. Pair it with D234 Hijinks and D255 Idol to achieve a flirty and fun mani. But if you’re looking for a more toned-down look, pair Garnet with D314 Buff or ombre it with D316 Merlot. 


 TT3 Rose Quartz is a soft pink with iridescent glitter specks and chunks.

Color Type: Glitter

Color Family: Pink

Revel Pro Tip: Rose Quartz deserves to be in that pink tonal manicure you’ve been planning. Use D6 Ava, MC3 Chameleon, and MC6 Helix with Rose Quartz for a tonal mani and we promise you won’t regret it.


TT4 Citrine is a yellow citrine base with iridescent chunky glitter.

Color Type: Glitter

Color Family: Gold

Revel Pro Tip: Citrine screams belle of the ball! This color will be the perfect signature finger with D339 Pine or D379 Privacy. Use especially with D365 Belle for a perfect glitter overlay and ombre design. 


 TT5 Emerald is an emerald green with green and gold chunky glitter.

Color Type: Glitter

Color Family: Green

Revel Pro Tip: Emerald is the perfect green to pair with D7 Barbara for a Wicked Witch of the West manicure. You could even pair with Obsidian and D7 Barbara for a total magical manicure.


 TT6 Sapphire is a true sapphire blue with silver and blue glitter specks.

Color Type: Glitter

Color Family: Blue

Revel Pro Tip: Sapphire will be perfect alone for a complete manicure – but to switch gears, pair with D310 Agave. Or one of our favorite go to shades D74 Veronica (French White) will look great with any glitter by its side! 


TT7 Amethyst is an amethyst shade with pink undertones, with iridescent chunky glitters.

Color Type: Glitter

Color Family: Purple

Revel Pro Tip: The precious stone Amethyst, should be paired with D166 Iris for a simple look. Or glam it up with a glitter overlay over D363 Lola and an ombre with SC17 Cayman Islands. 


TT8 Obsidian is a smoky black with iridescent chunky glitter.

Color Type: Glitter

Color Family: Black

Revel Pro Tip: Obsidian reminds us if volcanic glass took a tumble in a bath of glitter goodness. This shade will look mesmerizing paired with D351 Helena and D381 Gravel for a multi-color manicure! 

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    Treasure Trove Collection

    Posted by Kristene Gonzales on 1st Dec 2019

    Very pretty colors however, extremely hard to work with. It is difficult to get to lay flat and buffing only made things worse. Maybe the glitter pieces are too big?


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