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Dip Powder Removal Kit

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Dip Powder Removal Kit

Get everything you need to remove your Revel Nail Dip Powder in one convenient kit! 


Kit includes:

 - 8 oz 100% Pure Acetone

 - 60 cotton balls

 - 10 nail clips

 - Revel Nail File

 - Jar to hold your acetone soaked cotton balls

 - Removal instructions


Removing your Revel Nail Dip Powder manicure has never been easier! 


Our acetone is non-whitening - won't dry out your skin.  Get all the tools you need to soak off your Dip Powder!



Step-By-Step Directions for Removal:

Step 1: BUFF - Use the buffer to remove the shiny


top coat of dip powder from the nail.




Step 2: SOAK - Apply a cotton ball with an ample


amount of 100% acetone over the nail.




Step 3: CLIP - Secure the cotton ball onto the nail


with a nail clip.




Step 4: WAIT - Wait 7-10 minutes and allow


cotton balls to soak off the dip powder.




Step 5: GENTLY RUB- Rub the cotton ball and


wipe off the dip powder.




REPEAT - If your dip powder did not fully


soak off, add more acetone to the cotton


ball and continue waiting for it to soak off.














Use only 100% acetone.




Acetone is highly flammable. Do not use near heat,


sparks or flame. Use in a well ventillated area. Harmful


if taken internally. If injested, seek medical attention


immediately. Harmful to synthetic fabrics and wood










• The more dip powder you file off, the faster the


removal process. You will not damage the natural nail if


you file off more of the dip powder.




• Use a manicure stick to help remove dip powder.




• Picking or peeling off a dip manicure will damage


your natural nail.


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