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Spring Drop Ins Color Combos  | Revel Nail Dip Powder

Spring Drop Ins Color Combos | Revel Nail Dip Powder

Posted by Bianca on on 20th Mar 2020

Hello Spring, you’re looking good girl!

Spring is officially here, baby. Let’s get this warm weather going.

Spring Drop In’s this year are Julep, Castle, Dewdrop, Mellow, Sorbet, and Debutante. These colors are vibrant and fun, ready to create any Spring manicure. I know you guys will have a blast with these colors and create beautiful spring looks.

D521 Sorbet

Sorbet. She screams fun and cute. Talk about a cute-sicle. She is a peachy bright orange that has a subtle blue shimmer. Step up your bouncy and bright manicure by adding D386 Wonderland for an accent nail. Wonderland’s shimmery white powder with silver glitter will be sure to catch someone’s eye.

D522 Debutante

Debutante. Debutante is a true bubble gum pink. She will be sure to put a pep in your step this spring. Pair with D475 Fallen, the light pink and green shimmers in Fallen will really make your manicure stand out.

D523 Mellow

Mellow. Mellow is the opposite of how you will be feeling with this cream-based dip powder. She is a bright daffodil yellow. Mellow can be used as a pretty pastel ascent or a powerful standalone shade. Talk about ballroom glitz, pair Mellow with D505 Epiphany to bring out the bright yellow chunky holographic glitters. The pink tinted iridescent holographic glitters will also add nice dimension to your manicure as well.

D524 Julep

Julep. Julep is mint green cream dip powder. This is by far my favorite out of the shades. I am always in search of a good pastel mint and spring is the perfect season for it. Pair it with D105 Lovely and D502 Helium and watch how nicely Julep complements the rose gold and aquamarine holographic glitters in Helium.

D525 Dewdrop

Dewdrop. Dewdrop is a lovely simple spring blue, bordering on periwinkle purple. Don’t you just love the smell of dewdrops on the grass on a spring morning? Use Dewdrop as a neutral multi-occasion blue. Pair with D514 Fairytale for a majestic manicure. Make it marvelous and also add D341 Graceland to create a purple-blue tonal.

D526 Castle

Castle. Castle is a sheer almost translucent purple chunky glitter, that has different sized holographic and iridescent glitters. This shade is great to be added as a glam effect to any manicure. Castle can appear to be one or the other depending on the shade of pink or purple you add to it, which is why it is so versatile. Pair Castle with D234 Hijinks and D37 Julia to give your manicure a pretty in pink spring vibe.

Be sure to post and tag us on Instagram with #RevelNail and #GetTheRevelLook to show us what you came up with and how you made it your own. To be featured on our social pages, add the hashtag #YesRevel. I’ll catch you guys on Mani Monday for anther color of the week. Until next time ladies, have a great weekend and be your Revelutionary self.