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Celebrate National Coffee Day with Revel Nail

Celebrate National Coffee Day with Revel Nail

Posted by Shelby on on 30th Sep 2019

That magical liquid comes in so many forms: Latte, americano, espresso, café au lait, macchiato, affogato, ristretto, cortado, and many others that you may not have even heard of. Millions of Americans drink it every day and some may say that it keeps the world turning. And some September 29th, coffee gets its own, well deserved national day!

Each variation of coffee has its own personality. Which kind of coffee are you?

Victoria & Passion manicure

(Manicure includes D240 PassionD389 Victoria)

Latte – D135 Nala – If you are well-balanced and reliable, you might be a latte. Lattes are the perfect balance of milk and coffee, and the foam on top provides the reliable and stable base for beautiful latte art. D135 Nala serves as the perfect base to create some latte nail art with creamy white D19 Emily.

Double-shot Espresso – D139 Chant – Espressos are known for their strength, texture, and richness in flavor. If you’re an espresso, you’re a strong person with a rich personality that everyone loves to be around. D139 Chant expresses that richness and strength with dimensional brown and copper glitter.

Chant manicure

(Manicure includes D139 Chant)

Pumpkin Spiced Latte – Spiced Pumpkin Spiced Lattes roll around at the same time as cozy, chilly fall air. If your friends come to you for advice, comfort, or even just a calming conversation, you might be a pumpkin spiced latte. Spiced, a color from our new Fall Drop In Collection, has major pumpkin spiced latte vibes!

Peppermint Mocha – D135 Infatuated – Peppermint is known for increasing energy, which is something we all need in the dead of winter, when peppermint mochas make their appearance. If you’re full of energy and pep year-round, you might be a peppermint mocha. Infatuated is an energetic red sparkle that, much like peppermint, will bring energy and life to any mani you create with it!

(Manicure includes D135 Infatuated)

Caramel Macchiato – D228 Wink – Caramel is a classic sweet treat and has been around for hundreds of years. If you’re a sweet, old soul, you might be a caramel macchiato. Wink matches the caramel color and will be a great reminder of how sweet you are!

(D135 Infatuated, D135 Nala, D139 Chant, D228 WinkSpiced)

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Good luck!