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Meet Victoria!

Posted by Amy on

Next up for this series is Victoria, Revel's very first employee! Initially, Victoria had planned on just cleaning the warehouse for Revel as she worked her way through school, but with a background in chemistry, that would have been a waste of her talent. 

Victoria is Revel Nail's Research & Development Engineer, but it's really more like she's our Obi Wan of color. She's responsible for creating the recipes for all of our dip powder colors. Wether she's inventing brand new shades or keeping us on trend in the nail industry, she knows her pigments, glitters, and shimmers by heart. Victoria is a walking encyclopedia of Revel's dip powders, past, present and future. Next time you get an awesome Mystery Jar or Gift of Revel color, you will have Victoria to thank! 

Meet Gretchen!

We at Revel Nail are proud of both our products and our team. We wanted to take the opportunity to showcase our employees and explain their roles at Revel Nail. Our people are an integral part of our success!Gretchen is a huge asset to our web team, she works as our Project Manager for the website and any ongoing [...]

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Switch up your Summer Mani with Sun Changing colors!

Ahhh, vacation. A few days off, relaxing, lazy days spent with friends or family – we all need that escape to turn off our minds and recharge once in a while. Of course, there’s the planning. And the packing. And what are you going to wear? If your family is anything like mine, the packing and planning is mostly [...]

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Review on Donnahup.com

Revel gets some love around the blogosphere! Donna is a scientist turned blogger who can drive a Semi and loves glitter, so she definitely needs a strong, durable, and gorgeous mani! Check out what Donna has to say about trying Revel Nail Dip Powder at home! "I just love that I can have a professional manicure [...]

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Spring Ahead!

       It’s that time again, a time to break out your warm weather clothes and attend outdoor festivals, a time when everyone is in a brighter mood. Popular festivals like the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan (where visitors enjoy the transient beauty of flowers) along with the Holi Festival in India (known as the festival of colors) [...]

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​Ireland’s Pirate Queen

‘So tell your Royal mistress,’The dauntless Grace replied,‘That she and all her men-at-armsAre scornfully defied.She may own the fertile valleyWhere the Foyle and Liffey flowBut tell her Grace O’MalleyIs unconquered in Mayo.’“Granuaile” James Hardiman: Irish Minstrelsy, vol. II, p. 65St. Patrick’s day is upon us, and since it’s estimated that 50-80 million people worldwide have Irish ancestry, [...]

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Ninja Warrior Worthy Nails!

Did you ever watch the show “American Ninja Warrior” on NBC and think to yourself, “I could definitely do that!” or “Oh my gosh, how did they miss that jump?” I recently visited a local gym that had obstacles similar to those that you see on the show. After 5 minutes of running up the Warped Wall trying to [...]

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5, 7, 9, even 10 Free?

Many nail polish brands are starting to label their product as 5 Free, 7 Free, 9 Free, or even 10 Free, but what does that mean? While those monikers are becoming more commonplace, the reasons behind them are not as clear. Generally being ‘X’ free means being free of ‘X’ of the most harmful toxins commonly found in nail polish.How much [...]

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What's the deal with Valentines Day?

The most “romantic” day of the year, how do you celebrate it? Have you ever wondered why the colors red, pink, white, and even purple are specified with this holiday? Also, is it just a made up holiday by card companies to sell more cards?Well, here we are, to help you with some of your [...]

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2017 Premiere Beauty Classic

On October 14th the Revel Nail team traveled to Columbus, Ohio for the Ohio Beauty Classic. We’ve been to many beauty shows, but this one was definitely one for the books! On the 15th the Greater Columbus Convention Center opened its show floor doors to hundreds of beauty students and salon owners looking for new products for themselves and of [...]

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